To give artists a place they can call home and will be learning how to become a true entertainer, making exceptional music, and learning how to build wealth for themselves and their families.  The artists make the music so they should get the lion's share of their creation.  True team wealth is what we are building here.

J. Dange's road to rapping began on a late Halloween afternoon when his first cry alerted the world of his arrival. This charismatic artist who loves to entertain family and friends, has provided hours of great entertainment for adults and kids alike.

J. Dange's entrance into rapping started during his elementary school days, and he hasn't cooled his heels, showcasing his talents in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Q television, his timeless rhymes now intrigue fans in Las Vegas. The first EP Dange dropped in the summer of 2019 was called "Alpha: The beginning"

When Dange is not recording he finds joy in listening to classic R&B, Hip Hop, and Jazz. He cites jazz as being his favorite, because it allows him to relax and create flavorful lyrics, and that's exactly what he does. Current and future fans of J. Dange should be on the look out for the release of his second Album "LADIES MAN", a follow up to his platinum streaming album "DID IT MY WAY". 

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