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LADIES MAN - EP (5/23/23)

Something sexy for the Ladies and what's missing in Hip-Hop

  1. One Call
  2. Drippin (feat. Avian)
  3. Mistreated (feat. Zack Shaw)
  4. Hotel (feat. Chopin)
  5. Follow My Lead
  6. Beautiful You
  7. I Can See It Now (feat. Emily Ballhouse)
  8. Energy [Re-Mastered](feat. Vidal Garcia)
  9. Lights, Cameras, Action


Platinum streaming 1st album by J. Dange

  1. Team Ready (feat. Lil Dude Davinci & June B)
  2. Dangerous (feat. Space Kid)
  3. All Day
  4. Questions (feat. Lil Dude Davinci)
  5. No Worries
  6. Did It My Way
  7. You're Mine (feat. Iam3am)
  8. 1 on 1 (feat. Vidal Garcia)
  9. Addy (feat. Constantine)
  10. Work For It (feat. Vidal Garcia)
  11. Foreign Exchange (feat. Maskerage)
  12. Feel Like Me (feat. Lil Dude Davinci & June B)
  13. Tell Me What You Want (feat. Vidal Garcia)
  14. Ain't No Fun 2020 (feat. Getti, Young Stally, & Vidal Garcia)
  15. Talk Dat Shhh!! (feat. Adwoa Bobo)


Most recent single out.

1. Wine Down (feat. Maskerade)


  1. I Am Motivation(feat. J. Dange & Stevie Stone)
  2. Another Level(feat. J. Dange & June B)
  3. No Other Way(feat. J. Dange & Vidal Garcia)
  4. Call and I'm There(feat. J. Dange & June B)
  5. Walk With Me(feat. J. Dange & Alonda Rich)

ALPHA: The Beginning

  1. Gametime(feat. June B)
  2. Never Look Back(feat. Maskerade)
  3. Meet Me Outside(feat. Maskerade)
  4. Let Me See You Sweat(feat. Maskerade)
  5. Energy(feat. Vidal Garcia)
  6. Fantasy Island(feat. Maskerade)
  7. Say Yeah(feat. Sire)
  8. Journey(feat. Maskerade)
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